The Long Grey Cardigan

Okay it’s getting freakin’ cold.  Every morning I experience the despair of choosing an outfit that makes me stylish or makes me into a monochrome marshmellow (I know, I know, #firstworldproblems):

“Oh Rachel, if you’re wearing those pinstripe pants you gotta go with the deep black pajama top.”  

“Don’t be silly! She’ll freeze off her tatas if she doesn’t put on at least two Uniqlo Heat-Tech’s underneath!”

“But hello, it’s low cut…. And those tanktops are not…. She’s lucky enough she can get away with it thanks to her humble cleavage”.

“You bitch.”  

…I am not a morning person. Neither are the voices in my head.

We all know layering is the TRUTH when it comes to getting through these icy temperatures.  But it’s difficult to combine warm pieces that aren’t too boring when slapped on top of each other.  Plus, I find that you can always draw energy from interesting and functional fashion choices: a single piece that you know works with the classics yet adds something different.  And different doesn’t necessarily mean an embellishment, a pattern, or a texture. Could be something as simple as an interesting length.  Like this long grey cardigan from Vero Moda.


This is a well-rounded winter beauty.  She is long, lightweight, and warm.  Perfect as the extra layer needed in your (still-air-conditioned) workspace, but also sitting around the table at brunch.  What’s that?  You woke up a little too late and still feeling last night’s drinks?  Never fear, throw the cardigan over a t-shirt and jeans, and quickly grab those trendy tassel earrings. Poof, you’ve just perfected the Hungover Fashionista. Extra points if you throw on oversized shades. You’re welcome.

Reasonably though, when picking a long cardigan, it’s important to think about what other pieces you’ll be pairing it with before buying. For example, If you normally wear full sleeved-layers, make sure the cardigan is roomy enough to fit these in in the arms, without looking like scrunched-up sausages.  If your winter coat only covers down to your hips, perhaps you should find a shorter length.  Otherwise you run the risk of some awkward layering below.  Take the extra time to think about what works and what doesn’t, because it’s always better to invest in smart, long-term pieces, rather than moving with each ebb and flow of trendy fashion.  This way you’ll create more looks you love for longer <3.

Featured: Vero Moda / The Long Knitted Cardigan

• Loose fit, alpaca wool, pockets on side
• 89% Polyester, 8% Alpaca, 3% Elastane
• Machine washable, lay flat to dry
• €35 EUR

Off 5th



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    1. Vero Moda Long Knitted Cardigan
    2. Urban Originals Take Me Home Vegan Leather Bag – Blue 
    3. Naked & Famous Ultra-Soft Stretch Jean 
    4. ASOS Statement Fringe Tassel Earrings 


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  1. Vero Moda Long Knitted Cardigan
  2. The Relaxed Silk Shirt
  3. Avery Ankle-Fit Lightweight Wool Pant
  4. Michael Michael Kors Mercer Large Convertible Tote


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