The Grey Ribbed Rollneck

As I sit here reminiscing on Halloweens past, costumes adorned, parties made belligerent, I think to myself, God what happened to your youth!? Perhaps it’s because I am currently in Belgium and the American holiday isn’t as widely embraced here (or understood as an epic out-of-this-world excuse to rage for 48 hours straight), but this seems like the first year I didn’t really feel the same level of holiday energy that I used to. Please imagine Samuel L. Jackson’s voice as I say, “I’m getting too old for this shit”. Speaking of getting older, ahem – I mean aging like a…

A Case for the Red Leather Jacket

At some point in your life, you’re going to own a biker jacket. It is a magnetic item that you’re probably even contemplating purchasing now, don’t lie. The jacket represents a uniting factor between women & pop culture, women & luxury, women & their independence. One of the first editorial sightings of the biker jacket was in 1979 Vogue, photographed by Eric Boman. Since then, the iconic outerwear has been taken in extraordinary directions. And while most stay loyal to the original aesthetic, I’ve seen biker jackets that are yellow polka-dotted, bright fuchsia metallic, or blue lace with a shearling…

The Pinstriped Pants

Once upon a time, I told my Vice President that his work pants made him look like ‘an Italian pimp’. I’ll wait for the jaws to drop. Here’s the thing – while I am not proud of that memory in any way, I truly said those words in jest and admiration. I LOVE pinstripe pants, I wear mine all the time! For all occasions! Perhaps an alternative word could have been used but often times my speech tends to move faster than my brain (or common sense). There’s a reason why my thought/diary/ramblings post are filed under ‘UNFILTERED’. So let’s…

My Levi’s 501

Today, I am feeling fiercely independent and empowered as a woman. Don’t worry, I’m not about to spew all my emotions (I have many) on what it is to be female, but instead let me share with you some reasons why today is special. One – the music scene has recently been LIT up with incredible and jaw-dropping displays by Solange, Angel Olsen, and Banks. Each of these women are unique in their own genres, with potential as high as the heavens. If you can, take a moment to indulge and watch/listen to their latest sound and visual art: 1….

The Long Sleeved Shirtdress

Epically popularized by ‘Miss Honey‘ in Roald Dahl’s Matilda the 1996 movie (at least in my head), the printed shirtdress lives on as a wardrobe staple for the working woman. The feminine floral dress complimented her gentle character, as she mentored little Matilda and her big brain (btw, she grew up to be quite the dry humored tweeter…). Even in the real world, the versatile dress is universally flattering and low maintenance. Personally, because of my straight shape, I prefer a design that is tied at the waist and weighted with slightly heavier material to create the illusion of curves….