The Long Grey Cardigan

Okay it’s getting freakin’ cold.  Every morning I experience the despair of choosing an outfit that makes me stylish or makes me into a monochrome marshmellow (I know, I know, #firstworldproblems): “Oh Rachel, if you’re wearing those pinstripe pants you gotta go with the deep black pajama top.”   “Don’t be silly! She’ll freeze off her tatas if she doesn’t put on at least two Uniqlo Heat-Tech’s underneath!” “But hello, it’s low cut…. And those tanktops are not…. She’s lucky enough she can get away with it thanks to her humble cleavage”. “You bitch.”   …I am not a morning…

My Levi’s 501

Today, I am feeling fiercely independent and empowered as a woman. Don’t worry, I’m not about to spew all my emotions (I have many) on what it is to be female, but instead let me share with you some reasons why today is special. One – the music scene has recently been LIT up with incredible and jaw-dropping displays by Solange, Angel Olsen, and Banks. Each of these women are unique in their own genres, with potential as high as the heavens. If you can, take a moment to indulge and watch/listen to their latest sound and visual art: 1….