Let’s Talk About It: The Pajama Trend

You know how sometimes when you’re walking through a Topshop or Zara-type store, there’s a certain trend that you keep seeing pop up. Like for example, right now – if you keep your eyes peeled – you will spot random embellishments and patch embroidery on all types of clothing. Skirts, button downs, jean jackets, you name it. These trends begin their journey subtle, inconspicuous, then, with the blink of an eye they’re everywhere, flying off racks. In reality, everyone has their own propensity in taking to fashion trends, and I realize I actually buy into them later than other style…

The Long Sleeved Shirtdress

Epically popularized by ‘Miss Honey‘ in Roald Dahl’s Matilda the 1996 movie (at least in my head), the printed shirtdress lives on as a wardrobe staple for the working woman. The feminine floral dress complimented her gentle character, as she mentored little Matilda and her big brain (btw, she grew up to be quite the dry humored tweeter…). Even in the real world, the versatile dress is universally flattering and low maintenance. Personally, because of my straight shape, I prefer a design that is tied at the waist and weighted with slightly heavier material to create the illusion of curves….