Balenciaga’s Bernie Fall 2017

I woke up this morning to find something that truly fluttered my heart.

With Fall 2017 menswear collections rolling through Paris FW, one designer has decided to take it next level. Demna Gvasalia of Balenciaga presented a campaign-themed Bernie Sanders-inspired collection, incorporating the iconic white and red campaign logo on blue bombers, vests, raincoats, and scarfs. I mean, I love fashion but with GRANDPA BERN inspiration!? I can’t breathe.

Quick lesson: Demna Gvasalia is basically the king of Pop Culture-infused fashion. He is the head designer of Vetements, known for explosive, contemporary, “non-fashion but still designer” street style. Also under his resume belt are senior roles at Louis Vuitton and Maison Martin Margiela. Last October, the CEO of Kering – Balenciaga’s parent company – announced Gvasalia as its new artistic designer, waxing lyrical about his “powerful emerging force in today’s creative world”. So yeah, this dude is a BFD.

Lately I’ve been wondering about the reaction of fashion to political climates. You read of examples in history like the Burberry trench coat of WWI or the “bra-burning” mini-skirt movement in late 60’s America. So with 2016’s disastrous political whirlwind, when and how were we going to start seeing this ripple through the fashion world? We sit here and watch as corporatist decisions fill the soon-to-be White House cabinet. Or get slapped in the face with headlines that cry “World’s 8 Richest Men Are as Wealthy as Half the World’s Population”. It’s no wonder Gvasalia created a collection reflecting on the ever increasing demographic of the commercial corporate man. “My work is always about reality,” Gvasalia said. “It’s just honest. That is what’s happening around us.”

Now on the flipside, you HAVE to wonder what Bernie might feel about all this, what with his ‘down with the 1% and Wall Street!’ jingle and Balenciaga being a luxury designer brand. Fortunately, NY Mag has us covered. They called up the senator to get his reactions on the collections. I’ve gathered my favorites below, but you can get them all here.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

OH GOSH Bernie, you funny charming disarming dog you! I ❤ you foreva.


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