Layering You Didn’t Even Know You Had

If you’re a bozo like me and often times choose style over basic human necessities such as warm and stable body temperatures, then I am pleased to announce I’ve uncovered a fall winter layering trick that will tickle your fancy!

I always encourage leveraging the full utility of your closet, for as much of the year as you can. So when I was browsing through my vestiaire, shedding tears for the lighter jackets worn too seldom, a bing-bong went off in my head.

Processed with VSCOcam with j5 preset
Jean Jacket + Statement Coat = HIPSTER WARMTH.

As any clothing obsessed maniac would do, I ripped the two coats off the hangers, ran to my closet and starting putting together as many looks possible with this newfound combination. It’s simple, cool, and most importantly, practical. Without any doubt, life has been a little rough in the past weeks. And while I can humbly say that I’ve found a semblance of acceptance of this reality, hot damn that journey was difficult to navigate. I hope&pray for a clear path forward, and until then I will stick to the simple truths in life, like 1 jacket + 1 jacket = double the cool factor.


Processed with VSCOcam with j5 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with j5 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with j5 preset

In case you don’t already have these two coats, I’ve done a little digging to find budget-friendly options for you.


screen-shot-2016-11-18-at-3-46-48-pm screen-shot-2016-11-18-at-3-46-55-pm screen-shot-2016-11-18-at-3-47-02-pm screen-shot-2016-11-18-at-3-47-16-pm
  1. Topshop Snap Button Three-Quarter Coat
  2. Levi’s Trucker Jean Jacket
  3. Tall grey coat
  4. Sunset + Spring Patched Denim Jacket

Your mother, who always begged you to bring a jacket outside, would be proud 🙂


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