Topshop is bae.

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To this day, I can still remember the first time that I walked into a Topshop. It was 2004 in sunny Singapore, and they had just opened their flagship store on Orchard Road. Franz Ferdinand’s ‘Take Me Out’ came blasting through the ceiling speakers, as I ran my fingers through their spring / summer selection. At the time, I barely had a grip on the concepts of style and fashion, but I picked a cut-out sleeveless black blouse that I still own to this day. Seriously my roommate calls me a hoarder, but I like to think of it more as Sentiment… I just can’t give it up – Perhaps I should get it framed…

Fast forward 12 years and Topshop is still my high street sanctuary. The store quickly became my gateway drug into the world of fashion, yet no matter what I always returned. I consider Topshop to be my favorite, my go-to, my partner-in-style. I feel its spirit has grown alongside mine through this crazy thing we call ‘life’ and we are kindred spirits (did I take that too far?). As I watch the brand evolve, I am in continual awe of the impressive speed at which it reacts to the trending colors, textiles and styles of our surroundings, year-over-year, season-through-season. My personal style is unquestionably and eternally in debt to the Topshop powerhouse, so it is without doubt that my first thought piece would highlight one of its collections.

A few days ago, Topshop Unique’s A/W 2016 collection landed in stores, like a golden parachute, except without the executive level position and cold-hearted capitalism, of course. Drifting through the pieces reminds me of how wide the range of styles Topshop has to offer, yet somehow it never fails to deliver a seamless and cohesive collection. This one in particular exudes a gorgeous array for ‘powerful women’, with statement pieces, bright colors, retro-undertones, all umbrella-ed under the brand’s distinct British foundation.

It is without further ado that I present to you my favorite pieces from the line for your viewing pleasure. Although more items will be rolled out as the season progresses. Keep in mind Topshop Unique is slightly more expensive than its normal variety, so if you’re browsing to buy, make sure it’s one that you know will last through the years – a utility piece, if you will… Click through the gallery images to read my quick description of each!

You can also browse the entire collection here!


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